Welcome to Durango County

As of this day April 27th 1881, the Federal Government has provided the funds necessary to build the town of Durango. The purpose of this town is to aid in the expansion of the railway further west. This new frontier has many opportunities to create and build the future of our great nation. Durango is looking for all able souls that have the courage and fortitude to help in development and growth of Durango County.


Do you have what it take to leave your old life behind and embark on a journey to the new frontier?


Whether you be a farmer, rancher, blacksmith, gunsmith, doctor, cook, carpenter or tailor. Don't hesitate go to your local train station, grab a ticket and come west to Durango. A new life awaits full of adventure.


Safe travels on your journey,

Federal Government


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to get your train ticket.

To begin your journey into Durango County, please apply for a train ticket under the County Forms above.