Bounty and Law Enforcement Procedures

Arrest Warrants

Unless a crime is currently in progress and active, an arrest warrant must be issued by either a Judge, Marshall, or Sheriff prior to seeking out an individual. The warrant must be written, signed, and presented if requested by the individual the warrant was issued for. Arrest warrants must include the reason why the individual is being placed under arrest. Warrants should be written on notes, not law journals. Arrest warrants are not to be used as a solo reason for searching an establishment for evidence. Searches must accompany a search warrant. No offline arrest is permitted, unless it appears the individual battle logged.

Search Warrants

Plausible evidence or statements of suspicion and what evidence is suspected to be found must be presented to a judge to obtain a search warrant. It will be up to the judge to determine if the statements and or evidence presented has ground for law enforcement to execute a search warrant. Search warrants can be specific such as only allowed to search a particular residence in a town or as broad as searching an entire town. It will be up to the judge to make this determination and specifically state this in the search warrant. As with arrest warrants, search warrants should be written on notes, not law journals.


Search Warrants must be presented when requested, refusal to allow law enforcement to search may begin forced entry into an establishment, however anything locked may not be broken to access. Animals may be knocked out for search purposes if turn over is refused. Please use caution as inhumanly putting an animal out by reducing its heartbeat to zero may place law enforcement on the hook for compensation if search is deemed as a failure. Any structures broken such as doors must be provided replacements within 24 hours otherwise owner of structure will be permitted to seek compensation. No offline searches are permitted, unless it appears the individual battle logged.

Bounty Agreements

Anyone in the county may issue a bounty, not necessarily just for law enforcement needs. Bounties are agreements between one individual who issues the bounty and a Bounty Hunter. Bounties should be written out and provided to the bounty hunter. The agreement should clearly state the bounty amount, individual the bounty hunter is to seek out, and when a bounty is considered complete (i.e. secured in a jail, brought to a homestead, etc.). As with warrants, bounties should be written on notes, not journals. It is up to the bounty hunter if they wish to share the bounty agreement with the individual they are seeking, but is not required. However they must be presented if requested by law enforcement for validation.

Law Enforcement Procedures

  • Any arrest or search warrant executions must be announced prior to any PVP initiation unless PVP is already in progress or initiated by other party

  • At least 10 minutes of RP or other means of passive building entry should take place prior to forced entry

  • Barrels should only be used on anything above settler grade and must be placed at a door. If door is settler grade, hatchets must be used

  • Barrels can only be placed by a Marshall or Sheriff, not allowed with Deputies or Bounty Hunters

  • Law Enforcement may use the following detainment methods if surrender is refused:

    • Lasso

    • Animal Bolas

    • Pistol Whip

    • Placed unconscious by bullet wound

  • Knock out effect from horses/donkey’s should not be used as a means of detainment, they can however be used for blocking in individuals for detaining support

  • Ensure to follow up on medical RP with detained suspect if any blunt trauma methods were used (pistol whipping/bullet wounds)

Bounty Hunter Procedures

We’re not going to be restrictive here as we’re going to let Bounty Hunters play their role as a lawless capture and deliver role. However, please be mindful of previously stated rules such as not permitted to use barrels to gain building access. Please initiate with RP before proceeding with PVP actions. If staff feels anything is being cheesed or abused, we will start adding bullets here.

  • Bounty Hunters now are required to register with the Durango bank for a registration fee of $5. This is to deter away from the “I’m a bounty hunter just because I said I am” methodology.

Jailhouse Procedures

  • In case you haven’t read the county law book yet, there is a 60-minute captivity limit rule and this includes once a detainee is secured in a locked jail

  • Within this 60-minute window, law enforcement must:

    • Announce the formal charges;

    • Either determine if an immediate or scheduled trial will take place;

    • If scheduled trial, obtain three dates and time windows from detainee. Dates and times must be greater than 24 hours from the current time so that;

      • Arresting Marshal, Sheriff or Deputy will have at least 24 hours to obtain a judge not involved with the case that can be present to hear court case for one of the three available times

    • The arresting Marshal, Sheriff, or Deputy is considered the default prosecution; however, they may retain an individual who has passed the bar exam to prosecute on their behalf

    • For immediate trials, a non-involved judge must be located and brought onsite within the 60-minute window

    • Judge and Arresting Prosecution cannot be from the same town

  • Once 60 minutes has passed, the detainee must be released out of their jail cell and set free, unless an immediate trial has been arranged and a judge is onsite awaiting to hear case in which then detainee may be secured in jail until judge is ready to hear case