Admin Team

Tobias Weston, Sage Castillo, Skylar Anderson, Scott Ragnarson, Alex Clark

Malcolm Reynolds, Edward Booth

County Ordinances

There is no PVP allowed in Durango township 

Players who break the rules will be subject to being banned, temporarily or permanently. We will do our best to offer a three warning system to players, however, in extreme circumstances an immediate ban could be found necessary.

Please do your due diligence to ensure rule breaks are brought to a DRP staff member immediately.

The staff team of Durango RP reserve the right to modify the rules at any time and will be announced through the appropriate channels with the latest updates always provided in Discord.

General Rules

  • Any sexism, racism, griefing, or derogatory language will NOT be tolerated.

  • We are all here to enjoy what Durango County has to offer, so please treat members of the community with the same respect you would want shown to yourself.

  • A working mic is required and must be usable in game.

  • No ERP (erotic role play).

  • No Stream Sniping.

  • No meta-gaming (i.e. using out of character information in character. You cannot hear through walls, closed doors, or closed windows. When in doubt, it's best to consider indoor conversations as "behind closed doors" conversations.

  • No power-gaming. Power gaming is using OOC knowledge of game mechanics, play styles, or manipulating players OOC to gain an unfair advantage IC that your character shouldn't or wouldn't have.

  • No hacking, exploits, or circumventing of rules.​

General In-Game Rules

  • You must be in character at all times when on the server.

  • KOS (Kill on Sight) is not allowed.

  • You MUST have a legit RP reason or at least 2 minutes of RP should take place prior to pulling a weapon on someone, unless PVP is already in play for an RP situation you have come upon.

    • Acceptable Example: Walking up to someone and having a casual conversation for a few minutes then pulling out a gun and asking them to stick their hands up or you'll shoot.​

    • Not Acceptable Example: Walking up on someone's back and immediately telling them to stick their hands up or you'll shoot with gun drawn.

  • Fleeing from Outlaws - this is considered avoidance of RP and should not be done for value of life.

  • Fleeing can be considered as initiating PVP with an outlaw and therefore an outlaw may ride you down and shoot you. Same goes for Law Enforcement and Outlaw interactions.

  • No name-plating for OOC identification. Name-plating should only be used when admin intervention is needed for situational cases.

  • Seasons will generally run for about 12 weeks and the below schedule for PVP will be followed:

    • 1st week of every season is a no-PVP conflict week.

    • 2nd week of every season is a "soft" PVP conflict week. Person to person robberies will be permitted. Shooting RP will be permitted, however bank robbery RP will not be permitted. Funds do need to start accumulating in town banks after week 1.

    • 3rd week of every season will open up bank robbery RP for the rest of the season.

  • Players are entitled to 2 re-roll applications during seasons. Re-roll applications however may get put on hold status if your current character is wanted for or has committed ​a high crime including direct involvement with bank robberies. Committing these actions immediately after a re-roll has been approved will have that approval placed on a hold status until law RP is completed with your involvement. We'll be limiting hold status to 2 weeks of active RP on said outlaw character whether law is capable of sorting out the investigation or not.

New Life Rules and Perma Deaths

  • New Life Rule

    • Should you ever die, health reduced to zero, in role play or be killed in role play you may not respawn and return to the area for 10 minutes.

    • Additionally, you should make an effort to seek out a doctor and engage in medical RP to properly handle your wounds before anything else. It is possible that others may already be role playing medical attention on your corpse, so please keep this in mind with where you should respawn.

    • If you need to confirm OOC if your corpse is involved in role play, please do so to ensure immersion so you may respawn nearby. This includes outlaw RP, if you are shot down in a town you've initiated PVP on, chances are town folk have probably carried your body to a clinic, therefore you should receive medical care in their clinic.


  • Should you ever die, in roleplay or be killed in roleplay you may not return to the area until 10 minutes have passed. This is considered new life rule. 

  • You may of course return if you've been invited back or if its sparring.

  • If you go to trial and convicted of a high crime then sentenced to execution you are Perma Dead upon the carrying out of your sentence.

  • Perma Death another player - If approved by both players, after ten minutes of needed role play one player may perma another (this does not count for convicted felons receiving death penalty, they are to be perma'd even if the felon player doesn't exactly agree - Because, Bandit crime rules)

  • Failure to provide unlocked routes of escape even if they fight makes the Perma null and void.

  • Perma deaths can happen to ANY citizen. All Perma deaths have to be accompanied by an assassination request. A word document will be required with the following information:

  1. Name of person you want to assassinate.

  2. The reason you want to perma said person.

  3. Explanation of the RP that lead up to you wanting to assassinate this person

  4. This document should be sent to ONE admin. No less than three admins will discuss your application and get back to you within 48 hours.


 Value of Life


  • You must RP caution in deadly situations. Just because you know OOC that your character may ultimately survive a scenario doesn't mean your character should have that belief.

  • If your Character is in imminent danger you should RP as they would, react to survive.

  • Failure to follow Value of Life and having repeated offenses can and will have disciplinary action . This will be at the Admin Team's discretion. Which could mean your character be "Soft-Perma killed". Soft-Perma killed means is you will be allowed to bring back your character next season however you will remember nothing that happened before your death.

Bandit RP

  • Bandits are not allowed to thieve more than 5 Items/Animals per day OR steal anything over a value of $100 per day (This includes the craft price of guns, etc)

  • No using ark glitches to shoot someone through; walls, floors, or ceilings that you wouldn't be able to do in reality.

No Suicide RP


Do not use suicide as a way to ‘kill’ off your character. This can be a delicate subject and it should never be used. If you are simply tired of a character you can have them go ride off into the sunset and roll in someone new.

Oil Rigs

Only one oil rig may be owned by a single group (tribe)