Building Code




Kill Box - is a way of fortifying your building to the point of it not being accessible also known as Honeycombing.

Building within 50 foundations of a mine is prohibited


~You may only build structures that have a max size of 8x10 foundations. Anything else must be approved by a Federal Agent before construction can begin.


~You may only build 4 walls high with vanilla and 3 walls high CKF (not including roof) on any building. From foundation to roof.

(Remember a Half wall's count as 2 Half walls = 1 Wall, so keep this in mind when building)


~Building materials - Normal citizens can build up to wood tier items. Anything that uses stone to be made is for a carpenter to build.  


~Homesteads/Ranches may have one business building on their land. The businesses within this building must all have their own shop and be signed accordingly.


~Homestead/Ranches may only have a maximum of 5 occupants. 


~Homestead/Ranches property line can not exceed 20x20 and a maximum of 250 foundations.

If the area that you wish to build on can not be made into 20x20 you can change it to be 10x40 as long as it makes sense to build it this way, if not expect to rebuild.


- Homestead must have at least one mail box posted on the property.


-A teen wishing to own a homestead may do so but must follow the following guidelines:

1.  You must Live alone!!!

2. Your homestead can be no bigger than 10x10.

3. Wranglers/Farmers will be expected to live in their barn as your barn can be no bigger than 8x10 and your land cannot be bigger than 10x10.  

4. Under NO circumstances will we let more than 1 teen “OWN” a homestead. If there will be more than 1 teen then an adult MUST own the homestead to make it a regular homestead of 20x20.