Child & Teenager

Child RP


  • If you are 5 years old to 12 years old. You can turn 13 in a season however until the end of season you will still be considered a child. You started the season at age 12 therefore even if you have a birthday during that season you will still be considered a child.

  • Children MUST have (c) in their name. 

  • As a tailor you can only make primitive clothing. NO Leather items can be made because it is beyond your knowledge.

  • As a wrangler - you can tame horses but you cannot tame cattle as you would not have the knowledge to use a lasso. You can tame donkeys as well. You cannot make saddles as you have to learn how to use leather to make them. Just as a child tailor you do not have the knowledge of leather binding.

  • As a farmer you can tame shoulder pet animals and pets you can carry with the exception of sheep (sheep are tameable). You can grow crops. You cannot make water towers as you have to learn them as you grow up.

  • As a child you cannot have any firearms, but you may use a bow and arrow. Flares are ok to have as well.

  • As a cook you can not make alcohol.


Children can not be Blacksmith, Gunsmith, Doctor, Carpenter


Teen RP


  • You are a teen from ages 13-17. You must have a (T) in your name.

  • If you start a season at age 17 and have a birthday during the season you will be considered a teen until the next season. You started as a teen you end as a teen.

  • As a Tailor, Farmer, Cook, and Wrangler all aspects of your trade are now open.

  • As a Blacksmith, Gunsmith, Doctor, and Carpenter you are now an apprentice. Certain things you will have to learn from an adult in your profession.

  • Teen Blacksmith - can make PRIMITIVE tools only. You cannot make tools that use money in the recipe. You cannot repair cameras.

  • Carpenter - you can make stone tiered building pieces. You cannot make windmills or keep structures as you need to learn these from an adult carpenter. You can make furniture after 6 weeks working with a carpenter. (Half of a Season)

  • Gunsmiths - You can make all ammo, gunpowder, rags, and any other small resources. After 6 weeks working with an adult gunsmith you will be allowed to make the guns you can use. You will not be allowed to make any other weapons WITHOUT an adult gunsmith present. You will not be allowed to make explosive barrels.

  • Doctor - you can make antivenom and antidote as well as administer them. All other drugs must be made in the presence of an ADULT doctor. (all things listed in the crime section are off limits to you until you are an adult)

  • During these years you will be allowed to use weapons. You are required to have 5 hours of training with a gunsmith learning how to use these weapons. After that time the gunsmith must submit to the Durango Marshal a written statement that you have completed the required training. The Marshal will keep a record of your training at Durango and Telegraph all the Federal Agents as well as all lawmen in county that you have received your license to carry. After this is done you will receive a DM from the Marshal stating you are now allowed to carry a weapon. (keep record of this DM as this is your License to Carry) DO NOT CARRY A FIREARM UNTIL THIS PROCESS IS COMPLETE! Understand that you are now considered an adult if you should shoot someone and will be held to the law. You can now kill people so you can now be executed if found guilty of a capital crime. Your weapon should only be used to defend yourself. If Teen Outlaw issues become an issue we will revoke the chance of any teen being allowed to use guns.

  • You will only be allowed to use a dirty pistol, dirty shotgun, and basic rifle.

  • As a teen gunsmith you will not be allowed to train others to use firearms. It does not make sense for us to let you train others when you are just now learning to use weapons yourself.