Trial Procedures 


Lawyer, Justice of the Peace, Judge, Sheriff, and Deputies. 


These are law enforcement Officials. These are prosecutors in trials or defending attorneys. Judges and JotP’s reside as the  official conducting a trial. ALL of these positions must take the bar exam (YOU ARE REQUIRED TO RENEW EACH SEASON). Each of these positions will receive a copy of the Law Enforcement Codes upon their appointment. Mayors will make sure that all law enforcement in their town receive this document. The Federal Marshal will ensure that judges and attorneys not living in a town receive this document as well.


The Following Documentation must be recorded by the Presiding Judge or JOTP during a trial

  • Name of the Accused

  • Name of Presiding Judge or JOTP

  • Name of Prosecuting Attorney or Sheriff

  • Charges

  • Verdict

  • Sentencing 

  • Time and Date of Trial in Durango Time (CST)


If a defendant is found guilty of a high crime you Must give them 60 minutes before you execute them. This can be waived by the defendant at any time during the 60 minutes and must be noted by a judge and submitted to a Federal Agent, County Commissioner, or Federal Marshal IMMEDIATELY.


Prosecution and Defense are allowed a maximum of (3) witnesses to testify in a trail


If a Judge feels that the testimony of a witness has been coerced, That judge has the right to dismiss said Witness’s testimony. Judges and Sheriffs may not bring a person to trial a second time even if more evidence is found (Double Jeopardy). The accused may be tried on a separate instance but not the same one.  


Trials can be immediate or at a set date and time.

If you plan on doing an Immediate Trial you must have all evidence, attorneys, and a Judge on premises within 45 minutes. If you cannot be in trial within 45 minutes you must set a time and date of a trial within 48 REAL TIME hours and submitted to an admin.

Set date and time trials will all be held in Durango City Courthouse.


A trial should have a Sheriff or an attorney as a prosecutor and a Judge at minimum. If the plaintiff asks for an attorney they can ask a citizen that has taken and passed the bar exam to be their attorney or request an attorney be found. If this cannot happen for an immediate trial then you must set up a trial date and time in Durango City.

A JotP cannot be the Judge of a trial if the Sheriff of his/her town is the prosecutor. This is grounds for dismissal of the trial.