• Towns must have a minimum of 6 members, one of which that has been appointed mayor. You must also have found someone to appoint as Sheriff, and JoTP, these are all necessary roles for a town. After you have registered all official roles at the bank and pay your $500 land deed, the Bank will give you permission to select land to build your town (suggest choosing 2 locations, your preferred location and a back-up if the first one is not approved).

  • Once the Federal Bank in Durango approves the chosen town grounds, construction may begin. The new town then has 1 week to have all necessary buildings erected and marked or risk being disbanded. The town has two weeks to have official buildings upgraded to Villager or Keep, depending on the building (Sheriff's Office/Jail, Bank need to be built in Keep)

  • Your jail must have an open window in each cell as a way of escape. They must also have a bed, a sink and a bucket.


Town upgrades 

Start town (Min 6 - max 10 citizens) = $500 

Medium Town (Min 10 - max 15 citizens) = $1000

Large Town (Min 15 - max 20 citizens) = $1500


All expansions can be bought at once for $3000 however if you have 6 people build to those 6 not for 20. Your build should reflect how many people ACTUALLY live in town or are renting business space in your town. These MUST be bought at the Federal Bank.


(Towns official buildings : Sheriff Office/Jail, Bank, Saloon, Public Stables (delivery) and a Townhall.)


Town official buildings can be a Max of 8x10.

Business along the main road can be a Max of 5x7

Houses can be a Max of 8x10 depending on the amount of people living in it.


Your main road cannot be more than 6 foundations wide. Side roads cannot be more than 4 foundations wide. Businesses should be on the main road while housing and stabl   es (not including public stables) should be on side roads. Public stables should be on the main road. Please keep buildings within the other building rules. 

Tree houses will be allowed but should not be bigger than 3x3. They should also stay within reason and no higher off the ground than 5 walls high. It should never have more than 1wall and a half wall high (not counting a roof) and the roof should be no taller than 1 roof high. Keep pillars to the bare minimum.

Town Perks

Can only be bought after your town build has been approved by a County Commissioner. Must be bought at the Federal Bank.

  •  Post Office - $800 You must appoint a Post Master/Mistress  - This means you can now hire Pony Express Riders to deliver telegrams to homesteads. You also have access to the IC telegraph service to send out telegrams to another Postmaster/Mistress. (Your Mayor and sheriff have access to receive these messages but they cannot send messages.) You also have access to the journals for you to be able to send telegrams. YOU MUST CHARGE TO SEND TELEGRAMS AND YOU MUST PAY YOUR PONY EXPRESS) A $100 stipend will be given to the Post Master/Mistress for this purpose (ONE TIME ONLY AND ONLY THE POSTMASTER CAN RECEIVE if you cannot make this you must DM an admin so we can make arrangements for you) Journals can be purchased from the bank 10 for $5. The Mayor must appoint the Post Master/Mistress and log it at the bank before the Postmaster can receive funds. Your Post Master must be a town citizen. You must build a post office with this perk.

  • Bank - $1000 - In addition to the town vault you can now have citizen vaults. This gives interest to citizens just as the town vault gives interest to the town. You must have a Bank Manager. A max of 4 Citizen vaults can be purchased from the bank at $10 per vault. Your Bank Manager must be a town citizen and appointed at the bank by the Mayor.

  • Mayors, Sheriffs, bankers and post Master/Mistress are allowed to use journals to keep records on. The Mayor and Sheriff will receive 5 journals each (10 Total) from the bank upon approval of the town. All records should be kept in your office. These should be public knowledge for your townsfolk (exception is evidence for trials).

  • Journals can only be obtained at the bank at a cost of $5 per 10.

  • Towns may have up to 3 deputies and must be registered at the bank. They do not have to live in your town however they can only uphold the law in your town or if specifically asked by another Town's Sheriff for assistance.

  • You should pay your appointed positions.

  • Suggestion ONLY… pay should be as follows 

Mayor - $25 per week

Sheriff - $25 per week

Justice of the Peace - $25 per week

Postmaster/mistress - $25 per week

Bank Manager - $25 per week

Deputies you should negotiate this between the sheriff and mayor. What ever you decide to pay your people MUST be noted in the Mayor's office as we need records to know how much money should be in the bank. The above is just an example but it must be filed in the Mayor's office. This does not mean these people cannot donate it back to the town but it must be noted by the Mayor if you do not have the bank perk.

Money in the Bank:

  1. You must have 2 weeks payroll in your bank vault by the end of week 2. Example: You have a Mayor making $25 per week, a Sheriff making $25 per week, and your JotP making $25 per week. Then you must have $150 in your bank vault and the end of week 2. (Season week 2 or week 2 after you created your town)

  2. Week 4 - You must have half of your land deed in the bank vault as well as 2 weeks of payroll. (Small town with the example used above - $250 for your deed and $150 for payroll making the sum of $400 required in your vault) 

  3. Week 8 - You must have your full land deed and 2 weeks payroll in the bank. (Small town with the example above - $500 land deed and $250 payroll making the sum $750)

  4. These funds MUST be in your bank vault at all times. It is up to the Mayor of the town to ensure that these funds are always present. It is also up to the Mayor to ensure that in the case of a robbery your town can survive.

*** Random inspections from County Commissioner can happen at anytime to ensure your town meets these standards***