Law Enforcement Structure and Responsibility 


Chapter. 1 Roles and Responsibilities 


All Judges, Attorneys, Bounty Hunters, JOTP, and Law Enforcement ARE required to take and pass the Bar Exam within (1) Week of accepting job. This will ensure that they understand all aspects of the law.

 Section. 1 Law Enforcement





  • Federal Position to be Appointed by Durango Supreme Judge

  • Marshals are to be assigned to specific County Seats and operate from local law enforcement centers

  • Responsible for undertaking missions and task given by Durango Supreme Judge

  • Responsibilities include but are not limited to...Apprehending wanted criminals, Serving warrants and subpoenas, Protecting assets to the county and any other form of capital punishment deemed nessecary by the Durango Supreme Court

  • Marshals will not impede on local matters unless deemed capital or otherwise present a danger to the Court System. 

  • Marshals will collaborate with local law enforcement, however if the crime and or criminal becomes a Federal issue the Marshals service will take point on investigation and apprehension.

  • Marshals reserve the right to temporarily appoint deputies of the county if the need arises, however after the need is gone the temporary appointment is dissolved.

  • Marshals have the authority to override local judgement if extenuating circumstances arise

  • Marshals have the authority to investigate other branches of law enforcement if directed to do so by the Durango Supreme Court,or any JOTP with reasonable evidence.

  • Marshals will assist in setting up continuations of trials due to scheduling conflicts and availability

  • Marshals will stand as bailiff for ANY trial in Durango Supreme Court Cases

  • Will ensure all Attorneys and Judges living outside of a town, and Mayor’s receive this document 

  • Overall it is the Marshals duty to ensure the court system in Durango county is upheld and protected.






  •  Local Position to be elected into by township during funding

  • Sheriff can be dismissed at any time for any reason by the Mayor of corresponding township

  • Elections will be held every season for Sheriff's Office by the Township

  • If the sitting Sheriff is removed from office, the town will hold elections to replace him/her

  • Sheriff will operate in town and surrounding immediate area, being in charge of protecting people and property and maintaining order. 

  • Responsibilities include but are not limited to..investigating disputes of violence, theft, harassment, and assault of person, and or persons property..ex (animals, livestock, property)

  • Sheriff will carry out warrants and seizures handed out by Durango Supreme Court or any JOTP if it applies to your area or jurisdiction or if asked by a neighboring Sheriff for assistance

  • In the case where a sentence has been handed down by a judge and action is deemed necessary any Sheriff that has the means will apprehend immediately.(This is not a jurisdictional issue)If possible more than one Sheriff should be present for apprehension

  • Sheriff will conduct investigations of local matters within township 

  • Sheriff will turn over Capital Crimes to Durango Township for further review before sentencing when a continuation needs to be enacted

  • Sheriff reserves the right to appoint deputy once the town reaches minimum limit to support additional duties.

  • Once the investigation is linked to another town the Sheriff of the connected town will work together to apprehend suspect.

  • Sheriffs are responsible for health and wellness as well..ex.( Sickness or plague is spreading in town or coming from outside of town, the Sheriff would coordinate with surrounding Towns to mitigate infection.)

  • Quarantines and Dead Zones will be setup by Sheriffs to control the spread of sickness.

  • Incurable sickness will be reported to Marshals office via telegram or letter no later than the 2nd day or 3rd reported case, whichever comes first.


(The Sheriff and Mayor will set the laws for their town, but they MUST at a minimum, satisfy the Federal Laws put in place by Durango County Supreme Court)





  • Deputy will be appointed by the Town Sheriff

  • Subject to removal for any reason at any time

  • Deputy can be appointed after the town has reached (9) people. Additional Deputy may be appointed at (12) and (15) population marks and for a maximum of 3 Deputies in a single Township

  • Deputy will assist Sheriff in day to day operations and any task the Sheriff deems necessary

  • Deputy will act as interim Sheriff in the event of an emergency or if the sheriff is indisposed

  • Deputy’s duties include but are not limited to.. Assisting citizens and properties in danger, They may escort detainees and Suspects to and from court proceedings for the Sheriff, and will file and maintain criminal records in there respective township

  • Deputy’s may gather and inspect evidence for ongoing cases at the request of the Sheriff. 

  • May apprehend suspects who flee

  • Deputy’s will issue citations and warnings

  • Deputy will report directly to Sheriff with any crimes that may be or have proven to be Capital for the Sheriff to review


Section 2. Non Law Enforcement




County Commissioner


  • Will Inspect, Enforce and Correct all building and township violations

  • Responsible for Township application process, and all inspections that go along with it

  • Will Inspect all Town Buildings and Structures for Code violations

  • Will inspect homesteads and Ranch locations for Code violations

  • Will collect all associated fees and fines related to Inspections and Applications


Section 3. Contractors




Bounty Hunters / Gun for Hire


  • Operate completely outside of the law

  • Are employed by Sheriffs 

  • Can perform duties such as investigating persons, apprehending criminals and transporting them to the town that issued warrant, 

  • Will not enter private property without written approval from landowner or without a warrant provided by law enforcement. 

  • Will not use deadly force on warrants unless to be tried for murder

  •  Have zero protection from the law 


(The below are INSIDE THE LIMITS OF THE LAW, you CANNOT be tried for the following)


Can bring in criminals that a Sheriff or Judge has placed a bounty on. You are allowed handcuffs and can be part of a posse. Your pay depends on who hires you.




Detective (Private Investigator)


You may be hired to follow up on leads that law enforcement cannot follow up on. You will not be allowed to apprehend any suspects, you can only report to the person you were hired by. You can be hired by citizens to search for others such as long lost loved ones. May be asked to be part of a posse.