Boat/Dock Regulations

  • You can have 1 raft per homestead/town.

  • It must be marked with the homestead/town name. At this time we will not count your raft as part of your animal count however if littering becomes an issue this will be added to your counts, if this happens it will be announced in discord. A sign with the name of said town/homestead can be placed on the raft.

  • You CAN NOT build on a raft. Only 1box/table can be placed on a raft at any given time.

  • There will be three docking stations with 5 Raft slips each, One on Salvation Lake, One on Bears Den Basin and One at the end of the river in the drylands, Citizens can purchase ONE slip per homestead/Town for $10 from the bank to be able dock your raft when not in use. 

  • Citizens who live along the river may want to build their own dock and rent it out to others for docking. If we see this becomes a problem with littering we will take this perk away. 

  • Docks should be built with dock foundations. It should reach no further into the water than 3 foundations. Having a roof on a dock is acceptable.