Western Union License

Western Union licenses can be purchased from the bank for a fee of $10. The license is a one time purchase and will roll over into seasons for your current character, new characters will need to repurchase a license. Once you have obtained your license, you will be given access to the Western Union channel in Discord. Below are guidelines for using the Western Union service. Repeated misuse of the telegram system will lead to having your license revoked.

General Usage Guidelines

  • Telegrams should be short and general in context

  • No need to include your name as Western Union will already do this for you

  • No need to include "STOP"

  • Do not send more than one telegram within a short time frame, this shouldn't be used as a conversation tool

  • Telegrams should be sent from either on location at a homestead or town's post office and should include the name of the homestead or town, do not include where the establishment is located unless requested in a response telegram

  • Telegrams can only be sent via the in game chat console, message will be picked up in local chat and should not be used OOC'ly if you happen to be passing by someone sending a telegram

  • Telegrams should not contain proprietary information that you would not want the chance of being meta'd​

Example of acceptable telegram messages:

In need of doctor at Jackson ranch.

Response: Dr. Horton is en route to Jackson ranch. Please provide location.

Response: Jackson ranch is located in the Bear's den region.

Example of unacceptable telegram messages:

Please send a doctor quickly to the Jackson ranch located along the shore line in Bear's Den. I'm cold and seem to not be able to carry as much as I used to and I also got bit by a snake.